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 + ​====== FPP for the HAM ======
 +I have finally worked out all the HEX coding in the FPP program for the PRM80. This has allowed me to create a version of FPP that matches the firmware I modified several months ago.
 +These changes are:
 +The frequency you need for the modified firmware can now be directly entered:
 +  *         E band now allows frequencies between 48Mhz and 78Mhz, covers both 4 and 6 metre bands. (see E band to Six Page)
 +  *         B band now allows frequencies between 108Mhz and 140Mhz for all you airband buffs. (see Airband Page)
 +  *         U band now allows frequencies between 220Mhz and 250Mhz, to line up with the American 220Mhz band, and
 +  *         W4 band now allows frequencies between 25Mhz and 54Mhz to cover the 10m and 6m band. (and CB for those who want it) 
 +There has also been some band edge changes:
 +  *         A band now allows frequencies to be entered down to 140Mhz, instead of 146Mhz on both the portables and mobiles.
 +  *         TU band now allows the direct entry of UHF CB frequencies (it stops at 480Mhz). ​
 +And last but not least, I have enabled the hidden bands of K1 (174-210Mhz) and K2 (200 - 220Mhz) in both a local and a remote variant. please email me if you have suggestions for these bands in the firmware.
 +The only thing I havn't done is allow High Power on the UHFCB frequencies and the only reason I havn't done it is I honestly cant find it........ ​
 +{{ :​fpp.jpg?​direct |}}
 +This screenshot has been taken with DOSBox. This is not an edited image
 +**Please note: This version of FPP will only work with the modified firmware.**
 +Sure it will read and write to a radio with normal firmware but weird things will happen.
 +Download the files and load them into your FPP's BIN folder and have fun.... An even better idea is to save the files in a BIN2 folder or similar under the same PRM80 folder you already have as you can access your origional jobs without killing the unmodified version.
 +{{ :​zips:​ |Download FPP Ham}}
 +To get the firmware, go here:
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