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 +====== ​ Dual Band PRM80 ======
 +Actually 1 head, 2 guts boxes!
 +This mod again uses the AUX pin out of the microprocessor to change the radio boxes. Plus it uses an OR gate and flip-flop to swap control over.
 +You need to disconnect the RX audio feed from the Microphone connector and connect the auxillary pin to this connector then use the following shematic to connect the radio'​s together.
 +Circuit Schematic
 +{{ :​switcher.jpg?​direct&​600 |}}
 +The 3 lots of two connectors grouped together are 8 pin RJ-45 sockets. The program I drew that diagram on did not have a suitable 8 pin plug I could convert to a PCB with. You should get the idea with the diagram.
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