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It has come to light in the PRM80 yahoo group that having a computer with “real” dos is something that doesn't exist anymore. With this I set upon investigating and writing instructions to use old radio service software in DOSBox.

Here is a “Quick Start” Guide I have written to get DOSBox up and running on a PC with Winblows on it.

For complete reliability use real serial ports with DOSBox as it is a bit hit and miss with RS232-USB adaptors. I have tried 3 different versions of the adaptor and only 1 worked with FPP. All 3 worked with the Tait and Motorola programmers I have however.

#Goto DOSBox and download it. #Install the program after downloading it #Go to the DOSBox menu in the start menu and choose DOSBox Configuration. This will load the configuration file into notepad. #Scroll down the configuration file and look for the section [Serial]. #In this section you will find the following: #:<pre> #::serial1=dummy #::serial2=dummy #::serial3=disabled #::serial4=disabled #:: #::For your real serial ports on your computer, you will have to change it to: #:: #::serial1=directserial realport:COM1 #::serial2=directserial realport:COM2 #::serial3=disabled #::serial4=disabled</pre> #:You could set either serial1 or 2 to your usb adaptor, but this may or may not work. See the CP2012 page for an update on this. #Know the location of your FPP folder. (Most likely C:\FPP). If this is the case, scroll down to the end of the configuration file and there is a section called [autoexec]. In this section, add the following line: #:<pre>mount c c:\</pre> #This will mount your Windows C drive to the DOSBox emulators C drive. This will allow you to go to c:\FPP and run your version of the PRM80 software. #Save the configuration file. #Goto the start menu and run the DOSBox program. #Program any old radio as you would have with an old DOS Computer!!!


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