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 + ​====== CP2102 USB-TTL Interfacing ======
 +With so many people trying to program the PRM80 and such with a new computer with no legacy serial ports, time to look into it.
 +The PRM80 FPP will refuse to read or write to the radio unless the Legacy Control pins, DSR and CTS are pulled high on the interface. Hence why Pins 4 and 6 are bridged and pins 7 and 8 are bridged on the Programming interface diagram that is floating around the internet.
 +This Mod has been proven to work in conjunction with [[dosbox|DOSBox]]. Im not going to state that it will work directly with XP, as there are so many other variables. But on that note, I have been successful on a Genuine IBM only.
 +This Documentation has been written about the Deal Extreme CP2102 converter P/N 152317. Other CP2102 units should work but you have to work it out for yourself.
 +Have a look at the following picture and diagram, you have to bridge the pairs of pins to make this work.
 +{{ :​cp2102ph.jpg?​direct |}}
 +{{ :​cp2102pinout.png?​direct |}}
 +Afterwards, install the Virtual Serial port driver in Winblows.
 +Then set the correct port in DOSBox as shown in the [[dosbox|Dosbox]] page
 +Wire it up with the following diagram to your radio and it should work.
 +{{ :​prm80-interface-cp2102.gif?​direct |}}
 +Note that the T and R pins are reversed on my drawing for clarity. ​
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